Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Educating Tigger

Bugs watches me use the laptop. A lot.

Last Wednesday, I discovered something new about Bugs and his little stuffed companions.

I was home sick with a nasty cold (and not, as others may suggest, suffering from the man flu) that I had picked up from The Boy. I decided to take the opportunity to watch some video tutorials on how to use Photoshop that came with the program when I bought it at the start of the year.

Elijah kept hanging around me on the lounge and was getting impatient that I wasn't paying enough attention. First he started trying to tap the keys. Then Tigger started tapping at the keys. When I (a little grumpily) suggested that he stop doing that, he suddenly thrust Tigger in front of the laptop while I watched and listened to the video. He had obviously decided that if whatever I was watching was this important, perhaps Tigger should start paying some attention to it too.

Since then, Tigger has often joined me when I'm watching video on the laptop. I guess Tiggers like learning.


quilly said...

He's spying for Elijah. You're going to come home someday and discover that Elijah and Tigger have designed an award winning blog, co-authored a comic book, and rewritten all your code.

smp said...

I can only hope that Elijah and Tigger will have rewritten my code. My code isn't very good. I'm sure a 2 year old could write it much better...