Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun in the sun

On Wednesday, Mummy had to go Sydney.  I used up one of my holiday days to stay home and look after Bugs.  It was a glorious Canberra winter's day with nary a cloud in the sky and ,while there was plenty of sun beaming down upon us, it wasn't all that hot.

It was too good a morning to spend indoors and Bugs asked me several times "Go outside? Get-a shoes and go outside?"  I relented and we fetched his shoes, whacked them on his feet and ventured out into the backyard.

I had intended to let him play with some tennis balls and a small novelty football while I read a book.  It did not take long before the book was put to one side while I watched him tear around the backyard alternating between laughing, whooping and falling over and giggling.

He spied two long stalks of native grass growing side by side.  They proved too tempting a target to resist for long and I was soon asked "Daddy, get-a grass.  Please".  I yanked the stalks out of the ground and handed them to him.  He ran off in delight, a stalk clenched in each hand.

Elijah and the grass

As he seemed so happy to run around brandishing his grass, I returned to my book.  For about 5 minutes.  I had made the mistake of leaving the camera sitting out beside me rather than putting it back inside.

Elijah knows what cameras are for.  He did not take long to grasp the concept of looking at recent photos via the LCD screen on the back.  He often demands that we show him pictures this way immediately after we have taken a photo.  If we are too slow and the photo preview has gone away we have to take another one.

"Daddy show the camera".  I needed a photo to show him.  In hindsight, I could have just turned the camera on and manually flicked through a few photos for him, but this was much more fun anyway.

All up we spent over an hour out there in the morning sun.  I can not think of a better way to have spent that time.

(for family members prone to printing pictures, click through the photos for higher resolution versions - these resized versions look a little jaggy)


quilly said...

Resizing the photos often screws them up -- still, I can tell that a good time was had by both of you!

smp said...

The Blogger built-in resize upon import is actually pretty good. However, these are manually resized in code from the (excellently done) resized Flickr photos. In other words, I did it the hard way and it shows :D

And yes, a good time was had by both of us :)