Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Musical... pianos?

I had to get some sheet music the other day and the music shop has their sheet music section adjoining their piano section. Elijah decided that it was much more interesting to stay in the piano section than tag along with Mummy in the sheet music section. While I browsed, he kept himself amused and out of trouble, climbing up onto a piano stool, playing the piano, then getting down and choosing another piano to play. I think he tested every piano in the entire shop.

The staff were quite taken with him. The sheet music saleslady asked me when I was planning on starting to teach him to play. I said I hadn't actually planned a start date, but that when he had enough of an attention span to sit at the piano and do what I say, then I'd consider it. For now, he's just happy to experiment.


quilly said...

Something tells me he'll be ready a lot sooner than most other kids might.

The Mumma said...

That's probably a pretty good assumption. I started learning piano at about three. I have a feeling that might be around about when he's ready also, but time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Age three?! Yowzer. Elijah's really got a good genepool to grow from, doesn't he?

- glitterfairy

The Mumma said...

Yeah, I never realised that I wasn't "normal", or rather that not everyone could do all the things I could do until I was about 12.