Sunday, July 13, 2008

No cuddles with Daddy

Bugs was in trouble (again) yesterday, this time for throwing a toy catalogue* around because he was frustrated.  His punishment for throwing things is he gets sent to his room for a time-out.  Sometimes we have to use the old "I'm going to count to three....." trick but he almost always goes when he is told.

Yesterday it didn't go quite to plan.  He threw his catalogue and I told him to go to his room using my best "you're in trouble" voice.  Instead of turning away and crankily going to his room, Elijah piped up in a trembling voice "Cuddles wif Daddy?".

I tried to be firm but caved and said "One cuddle but then you go straight to your room!"  After his cuddle I told him to go to his room and he tried the same routine.  The only answer from me was "No cuddles. Go. To. Your. Room."  His bottom lip dropped as he turned away and said in a cracking voice "No cuddles wif Daddy."

As my heart melted I noticed Mummy was watching (and sighing at the disgraceful soft touch of a man she married).  Elijah was summarily dismissed to his room by the much harder hearted half of the marriage.

Tricksy little creature.  He knew exactly what he was doing. Damn near worked, too.

* The toy catalogue seems to serve as a newspaper substitute. He likes to sit on the kitchen floor and flick through the pages while occasionally proclaiming proudly "Elijah reading paper".


quilly said...

Children learn our weaknesses faster than we do. He did know exactly what he was doing. You are going to have to be diligent and alert parents to stay ahead of this little cutie. Elijah is a smart boy.

The Mumma said...

Tell me about it. He hasn't worked out my weaknesses yet (maybe I'm too unpredictable) but he's certainly got Daddy wrapped around his little finger.

Anonymous said...

If the family redhead can get daddy wrapped around his little finger, what's going to happen if you have a little girl? :S

- glitterfairy