Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Colours of the park

This is part of the equipment at the local park:

This morning, Elijah and I went to play at the park. Instead of his usual first port of call, the slide, he went straight to this naughts and crosses board. Imagine my surprise when he pointed to the right-hand column and said, "There's a red one up there. There's a blue one in the middle. There's a green one down there." He then proceeded to do the same thing with the other two columns. You can see him pointing to each colour as he names it in the photo below. The fact he knew his colours didn't surprise me. The fact he knew up and down didn't surprise me. The fact that he could connect these concepts as well as understand and apply the concept of "middle" was what blew me away.

It turns out that the concept of "middle" was taught to him yesterday by Daddy while I was in Sydney, filming. Connecting all these elements was yesterday's lesson. Apparently he picked it up very quickly, which doesn't surprise me at all. It generally only takes one or two times and he remembers and understands it.

This post qualifies as a Ruby Tuesday, which was started by Mary, but I found it at Quilly's place first. Post an original photo that contains something red on Tuesdays!


Tommy V said...

my kids love these at the parks

the teach said...

Mumma, you must be very happy that he catches on so quickly! Great little boy! And great post for Ruby Tuesday! :)

Raven said...

Bravo Elija! I was scrolling down the page and he sure is cute as well as smart. Loved your little green dragon too.

quilly said...

Mumma -- Elijah is a smart one! How cool of Daddy to teach him and leave you to be surprised. Wonderful story.

I appreciate the mention and the link in your post, but feel free to just direct folks to Mary if you like. I don't mind.

Dianne said...

I've never seen those in a playground but then again my son is 35!

playgrounds have come far since then

beautiful little boy, it's so wonderful to watch them discover the world.

Dr.John said...

That is one sharp kid.

ellen b. said...

How wonderful to see him learning these great concepts. Enjoy...

The Mumma said...

More new visitors! Welcome and come again!

Tommy - Elijah isn't sure what it's all about yet, but I'm positive he'll learn how to play naughts and crosses soon enough.

Mary - I'm proud as punch! He's definitely living up to (and often exceeding) expectations.

Raven - We think so too! Glad you agree. :-)

Quilly - Yeah that Daddy is a sneaky one. Must be where the boy gets it! Are you telling me I should change my Ruby Tuesday text when I've got my copy and pasting down to a fine art?

Dianne - This particular playground appears to be the result of a litigious society. No monkey bars! What is the world coming too?

Dr John - For sure. There are no flies on Elijah!

Ellen - He literally learns something new every day. Keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.