Friday, August 22, 2008

How are you?

When I come home from work, I'm usually greeted with an excited "Daddy's home!" as Bugs runs down the hallway to greet me. My normal response is a variation of "Hello Bugs, how are you?"

This evening Mummy was playing a very loud game with Bugs so I snuck in the back door without him realising I was home. I waited behind him on bended knee to give him a big cuddle just as soon as he discovered I was there.

Elijah was excited when I gave him a big hug before he could even say a word. He pushed away from his cuddle and said "Daddy get up" with a serious look on his face. As I stood, a cheeky smile sprung to life on his face as he cried out "How are you?"

I guess sometimes it's fun to beat Daddy at his own game sometimes.


quilly said...

He's a sharp little cookie.

smp said...

Too sharp, sometimes. He's only going to get to be more and more of a handful as he gets older.


I'm sure he will be worth the anxiety and the aggravation...