Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More art

Elijah really likes markers. Markers on paper appear to be his favourite medium so far. This one is very different to his last posted effort.

Artwork by Elijah 5th August, 2008. Scanned in colour by The Mumma.


quilly said...

Still full of energy, but much darker -- like a pending storm. I hope it was an energy storm and not a teary one.

smp said...

I think he was feeling a little bit ignored. Mummy was teaching and Daddy was attending an online lecture at the kitchen table.

I got the paper and markers out for him to distract him and keep him occupied. It more or less worked, although I did get asked every 5 minutes or so "Daddy draw now. Daddy's turn. You draw, Daddy".

the teach said...

A budding artist! :)