Saturday, August 23, 2008

The real Bugalugs?

It's probably common knowledge to most of you that Elijah's nickname is "Bugalugs". Sometimes we shorten it to "Bugs". Daddy has called Elijah this since birth and I eventually caught on a while later. We always assumed that Elijah knew that he was a Bugalugs.

Well, we all know what happens to people who assume...

Apparently, according to Elijah, a Bugalugs is actually a dust mite. He sees the dust mites floating in the air, illuminated by the morning sun streaming in through the laundry window. He loves to try to catch them. "There's a Bugalugs!" he says. "I catch a Bugalugs." This freaks me out a little, since Doctor Who said that these dust mites are actually Vashta Nerada, but Elijah obviously didn't see that episode.

Still, it's cute to watch him jump as high as he can, chasing them in the light of the morning. There's something very innocent about it all.


quilly said...

Children see with senses we have forgotten to use.

The Mumma said...

Is that true or just conjecture?