Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brooming the barrel

Bugs hates vacuum cleaners. The noise scares him and he used to run from the room if we even brought the vacuum out of the cupboard.

I recently made the decision to replace our ageing vacuum cleaner with a shiny brand new Dyson barrel-style vacuum cleaner. When he asked what it was, I told him it was "a barrel". Straight away he was interested in this "barrel". Despite its appearance, it must not have been a vacuum cleaner. If it was, it would be called a "vacuum cleaner" and not a "barrel". We left it sitting in the hallway so that he could get used to it being around the house.

The Dyson isn't turned on in this photo. He just likes to move the wand around, an activity he likes to call "broom the barrel".

I used the Dyson for the first time on the weekend. Although he still wasn't interested in being in the same room as an operating vacuum cleaner, at least he didn't run away screaming and trying to hide in the other end of the house.

Progress. Small progress, but progress nonetheless.


quilly said...

Someday you will tell Elijah's new wife how he was afraid of the vacuum cleaner and everybody will laugh.

The Mumma said...

I'd be telling her that well before she became his wife. ;-)