Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I hold the mower

Elijah heard the gardeners working this morning. He became fascinated with the lawn-mower and the leaf blower they were using. He couldn't stop talking about them all through lunch. After his nap, he was still talking incessantly about them!

So, partly to appease him and partly because the backyard was looking rather unkempt, Daddy decided to get our hover mower out and use it.

Elijah proudly donned the noise-reducing headphones and held the mower's yellow cord for Daddy.

However, when it came to actually using the mower, he decided he'd rather stay inside. Oh well, maybe one day he'll want to use it himself.

This post qualifies as a Ruby Tuesday, which was started by Mary, but I found it at Quilly's place first. Post an original photo that contains something red on Tuesdays!


Grandma Faith said...

Your little boy is so cute. Those ear protectors are a good idea and they're stylisly red.

~Just Me~ said...

what a lil cutie!!

Raven said...

Cute. Probably just as well that at his age he doesn't want to use it yet.

The Mumma said...

We think he's adorable too! Thanks for visiting.

We actually do hope that he will want to use it. The earlier we can get him to do all the housework, the better. ;-)

quilly said...

Hey, he didn't mind the noise of the mower and the blower? He's improving!

The Mumma said...

He didn't mind the noise as long as there was a wall or a glass door between him and the noise. I guess that's a step in the right direction.