Monday, October 06, 2008

First trip on the bus

About 4 weeks ago, I took the day off work to look after Elijah while Mummy took care of a few things. Since I needed to mail his Uncle's birthday present off to London, I decided that this day was a good day to introduce Elijah to the joys of the public transport and catch the bus down to the local shops to mail the parcel.

Elijah had recently become obsessed with buses and had started pestering both Mummy and Daddy to "ride on-a bus", but something else always came up to stop any bus trips (poor weather being the usual culprit).

Bugs was cranky all that morning and operating in slow motion. Looking at my watch, I knew I needed to get him moving quickly if we were going to achieve anything that day. I told him "If you want to go for a ride on the bus this morning, we have to move and get ready now." I've never seen him move so fast and act so compliant as I did that morning with a promise of a ride on the bus.

Elijah's trip to the shops felt like something worth commemorating, so I present "Elijah's trip on the bus".

Requires Flash to view the video. If you just want to look at the photos, go here.

If you need an explanation of what happened, the quick version is that although we went to the local bus Terminus as a safe option to ensure we definitely caught the right bus, it didn't quite work out that way. The local buses pass through the Terminus in one direction, but pass by the Terminus in the other direction. I didn't discover this until a bus with the right number went past and didn't come back. Oops.

Lucky for me, the local shops were only a 20 minute walk away. I put Elijah back in the stroller and promised him we would catch the bus on the way home. I was glad that I was able to walk to the shops, mail off the parcel and get to the bus stop at the shops with minutes to spare.

The entire trip home, Elijah quietly said over and over "Sitting with Daddy on the bus. Sitting with Daddy on our bus. Our bus. Sitting with Daddy. Sitting with Daddy on the bus." It was so cute that he was this excited about a simple ride on the bus, something I take for granted as I endure it three days a week with a 90 minute round trip.


quilly said...

Imagine. When I was a kid I couldn't wait until I was old enough to ride the school bus -- then when I was, I yearned for my driver's license so I wouldn't have to ride the school bus! Maybe we have to be Elijah's age to appreciate what we currently have.

smp said...

Maybe. He really loved that small trip on the bus. He talked about it for near on a week afterwards.

I suspect if I took him on another bus ride soon, he would get just as excited.