Monday, October 20, 2008

Mistakes in mime

Elijah's imagination has expanded again. He's now pretending that objects are something other than what they actually are (for example, the lid of the coffee plunger is sometimes a trumpet and sometimes a leaf blower) and he's pretending to do things that he actually isn't (such as playing guitar - with an air-guitar!).

He has also taken a great liking to the songs, dances and rhymes on In the Night Garden.

At lunch the other day, he started saying the Tombliboo rhyme:
Omliboo, Tombliboo, knock on the door...
He did a hand movement to knock on the door, stopped and said, "That's not knocking on the door! That's playing guitar!" Then he went back to the start of the rhyme and amended the action so as to differentiate it from the air-guitar move.

Daddy and I looked at eachother and cracked up laughing.


quilly said...

Well everybody knows that you can't have your door knocking look like your air guitar playing!

The Mumma said...

Apparently not!