Thursday, October 02, 2008

More germs

Elijah and I went to the doctor today. The verdict is in. All of us now have the flu.

Elijah was looking forward to seeing the doctor. Our usual doctor has lots of little plush animals in her room and when I told him we were going to see the doctor, he immediately started talking about the animals with which he wanted to play. However, we didn't get to see our usual doctor, we saw another doctor that we hadn't seen before. Elijah was a little confused but very well behaved. This doctor had a little blue car that he loaned to Elijah during our consultation. Elijah stayed very still while the doctor checked his ears and he dutifully opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue when asked. He even gave the car back nicely and without fuss when asked. Such a well-behaved boy!


quilly said...

A person might think he was actually being taught manners!

The Mumma said...

He's been taught them, but I was still surprised to see him use them!