Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clouds on motorbikes

It was a dark and stormy night...

No, really, it was. Whenever it is dark and stormy, Bugs often gets jumpy but can almost always be calmed with a simple "It's just the rain, it's just thunder, nothing to worry about".

There was some awesome thunder last night. Big, booming cracks that occasionally make the windows rattle. It was so awesome that "Don't worry, it's just thunder, nothing to worry about". I scratched around for something that might allow me to compare the thunder to a loud noise he was familiar with and maybe even quite liked.  Then, it came to me...

Me: "Don't worry, it's just clouds on motorbikes"

E: "Clouds on motorbikes? Doing things?"

Me: "That's right. Clouds on motorbikes. They're picking things up, doing stuff, riding around with their friends..."

[30 seconds silence while he seemed to calm down and accept it]

E: "Want to see it. Daddy, open curtains. I get up and see it. Clouds on motorbikes. Daddy, I go to lounge room and look through window to see it. Riding around. Picking things up. Want to see it. Please Daddy."

Me: " can't. The rain is in the way. Yeah, there's too much rain."

E: "Daddy, open the curtain, see the rain..."

... and so on ...

Apparently, one of my special skills as a Daddy is creating rods for my own back.


quilly said...

LOL! As smart as he is, Elijah isn't quite ready for metaphors!

smp said...

Actually, I was hoping he would take me literally. I just didn't count on him thinking "Clouds on motorbikes? That's sounds awesome! I've gotta check that out!"

I should know better. This boy loves engines. I should have picked something more boring.

Anonymous said...


This is quite possibly one of the funniest things I have ever heard, topped only by 'peas wearing hats' (so clever of you to find a literal metaphor that mimics an existing visual comic that he finds funny!)

+3000 for creativity. I dig it!

- glitters