Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We've been attempting (yet again) to potty train Elijah.

Today I flat out refused to put a nappy or pants on him. It's Summer, so I figured he'd be fine. Lo and behold, the child who would point-blank refuse to sit on the potty was running to the potty to do a wee, every time he needed.

Then, he actually asked to wear undies and pants to sit in his chair and eat lunch! Unfortunately, though, he didn't comprehend the fact that wearing undies is not equivalent to wearing a nappy. Consequently, I had to hose off his booster seat. By dinner, though, he may have cottoned on to the idea as there were no more accidents.

The trick now is to keep this consistent, which is going to be difficult considering the impending massive car trip interstate for Christmas and subsequent move to the big smoke.


quilly said...

OC says if Elijah does "loose" his potty training, he will probably recoup very quickly once this routines are stable again.

My experience with toddlers is that once they fully grasp the comfort of life without all that bulk on their bottom -- especially plastic covered bulk in the summer -- they don't want to go back.

The Mumma said...

Not here, thanks. We are clothies all the way. Elijah only wore disposables in the hospital.