Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On the road

Travelling: 23rd and 24th December 2008

For those who don't know, Canberra to Brisbane is about 16 hours by car. We did the drive over two days to make the journey more pleasant and safe. The trick to keeping Elijah happy in the car was lots of different activities. There were familiar friends, such as Eeyore, to cuddle, books to read, a colouring book and pencils and, for when nothing else would sate him, a portable DVD player with plenty of Wiggles DVDs attached to the back of the passenger seat. Regular stops were a must for nappy changes, food and a bit of a run around.

The first day was very tiring. We spent over 12 hours travelling, including getting lost in Newcastle and taking plenty of meal breaks.

We stayed overnight south of Coffs Harbour at the abode of Peter and G. Longtime friends of my parents, they were happy to put us up for the night, feed us and generally help us recover from the long first leg of the journey.

Elijah found some interesting things with which to play. A metal ornament became Makka Pakka's trumpet.

Elijah was quite fond of his new friends and willingly shook hands and gave high fives when it was time to leave mid-morning.

Back on the road, we drove all the way to Ballina before stopping, then continued on the final leg to Brisbane.

Crossing the border meant a time zone change so while we were travelling for over six hours, we left at 10am and arrived sometime after 3pm. Queensland doesn't have Daylight Saving Time.

Finally, we arrived at our destination: Elijah's Nan and Pop's house!


quilly said...

TV does have it's moments!

It is great that your parents have such good friends.

And Elijah is a charmer, I would have expected no less of him than to shine!

The Mumma said...

He can be a bit funny with strangers. I guess he's got good instincts with regard how others will treat him.