Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Australia Day 2009

26 January

We again took advantage of our proximity to Parramatta Park and joined in the (mostly free) Australia Day festivities there.

We walked around for a bit, trying to decide what to do. Then it became clear to us. There was a fire engine parked there and they were allowing children to "drive" it. So we lined up patiently until it was our turn.
Finally, Elijah was given the chance to "drive" the fire truck!

He doesn't look very enthusiastic in the above photo, but that's because silly Mummy was distracting him from his task in order to take a photo. He enjoyed making the horn beep as well!

There were lots of stalls, so it was really more of a market than a celebration.

We tried to watch a sheep-herding demonstration, but we didn't get a very good view.

We did lots of walking around. At least the free balloons were entertaining enough for Elijah.

What we were actually looking for was the free face-painting that was listed in the official guides to the day's activities. Do you think we could find it? Nobody could give us a straight answer. Eventually, after eating pancakes for lunch, we found a face-painting stall. It wasn't free, but we think the results were worth it.

While waiting in line, Elijah decided he was going to be a bird. When he announced this to the artist, you could see her wondering how she would actually create this. Major props to her creativity. She started with some yellow paint around his face near the hairline.

Then she added more colours in concentric circles.

Then she used white paint in the centre. Elijah sat very still and closed his eyes when asked. He was very patient. The artist added green above his eyes and created a little blue "beak". Some black details were added to give a more feathery appearance.

Some white line details and a touch of glitter finished the picture! Elijah was pleased to see the results. He said that he was a "McSchneevit* bird".

We went to have a look at a demonstration of some obstacle course for dogs (which apparently is a legitimate sport, but the name of which escapes me now) and then it was time to go home for a nap. Elijah and Daddy posed for a quick picture outside the park.

Home again, Elijah was a bit too exuberant for a nap, so we took some more photos in the hope it would wear him out.

Mummy and Elijah

Elijah chooses his favourite photos.


*The origin of the McSchneevit bird comes from Elijah's ability to mimic the bird sounds at our old house. One particular feathered friend made a sound that, according to Elijah was something like this: "Gah-Gurr-Git McSchneevit".

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I love the face paint! That last photo is a treasure for sure!