Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hit the road, Jack.

Our time in sunny Queensland had come to an end and we hit the road for our new destination. We explained to Elijah that we were going for a big drive and would stay overnight at John's River. Elijah, having being used to staying at "Nan and Pop's place" decided that we would be staying at "Johnny's place". I don't know how he came upon turning John into Johnny. I'm pretty certain he's never known any Johnnys, nor any Johns that I can remember.

The place at which we stayed is used mostly for conferences and such and was quite secluded and surrounded by bushland. Elijah loved it. He spent a lot of time running around the outside of the buildings and running up and down the little hill outside our apartment. Lucky we were the only guests in the entire complex.

Daddy was very keen on getting up early and going for a bush walk to the waterfall nearby, but unfortunately for him, it rained quite heavily, so it was not to be.

The next day, we told Elijah that we were going on another big drive and would be staying at the "Parramatta house" and that this wasn't our new home but that we would see it soon. These concepts seemed to settle him. As long as he knew where we were, he was fine.


quilly said...

Ah, it is the "knowing" even if you don't know. You had an answer and a name and were happy with where you were going. That is what kept Elijah stable.

Too many parents don't talk to their kids because they think they are too young to worry. That so isn't true!

The Mumma said...

I guess we've always treated him like he is a little adult and have explained things to him, even if we didn't know if he'd understand or not. It seems to have worked so far.