Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Look, Mum! No nappies!

I think we've done it. I think we're out of the nappies. Elijah has been happy to use the potty during the day if pantless, but has been saving up the more... um... significant things for when we put a nappy on him for nap time or bed time. Yesterday I decided I just wasn't going to put a nappy on him for his nap. I told him that he was older now and didn't need one for naps anymore. He said, "You're older. The nappies are all disappeared." I thought that was pretty easy, considering some of the battles we'd been having.

So I told him that now that he wasn't wearing a nappy in bed that he would have to use the potty if he needed to go. I asked him if he wanted to wee or poo on the bed. His answer, a very emphatic "Noooooooo!" Then I asked him if he would use the potty if he needed to wee or poo. "Yes!" was his cheerful reply.

There were two trips to the potty before he eventually fell asleep then another as soon as he awoke. To say we were proud parents was an understatement!

Last night, we asked Elijah whether he wanted to wear a nappy to bed or go without a nappy just like he did at naptime. "Wear no nappy, just like at nap time." Daddy had some reservations, but was supportive. With no trip to the potty between bath and sleep, we were a little concern there may be an accident, but come 3am when he called out for us to take him to the potty, there was only a small damp patch and this morning, the bed was dry.

Today, Elijah is wearing Tombliboo trousers (really undies, but it was what I called them to make wearing them appealing) and shorts, without accidents, for the first time ever. See photographic proof below: his shorts are hanging very loosely as there is no bulky nappy underneath.We are ridiculously ecstatic about this. Is that weird? It's just been such a long road with many setbacks, so it's a relief to conquered the mountain.

As yet, we haven't tested taking him out and about without a nappy, but that is the next step. Getting him comfortable with the idea of going in a kids toilet (and not his familiar potty) is the key. Watch this space.