Thursday, May 28, 2009

#1 Fan (aka Oops I forgot to blog this)

We took Elijah to see a children's show in a shopping centre back on April 22nd. It was The YellowKat Show. Elijah loves YellowKat. We have both the CDs and he also has a t-shirt, as you can see in the photos. He's pretty much YellowKat's number one fan. He loved the show.

The only problem was, we didn't tell him that a certain familiar face was playing YellowKat. Recognise her?

Elijah was a bit confused and didn't want to talk to YellowKat after the show. When the costume and makeup were removed, he was ready for cuddles again.


quilly said...

I read this when you fist posted? Did I not comment on it? I wondered, was Elijah excited to see his mommy as Yellow Cat, or was he confused or disappointed?

I remember climbing onto Santa's lap one year at our local JC Penney's Store and discovering that Santa was none other than Mr. Jenson, my best-friend's father. I cried for a week.

The Mumma said...

He wasn't disappointed, but he was very confused. He doesn't understand that my job is to pretend to be other people and things and while he enjoyed the show while it was on, he was made uncomfortable by the discrepancy between the sound of the live voices and the recording he knows so well (I'm not the YellowKat on the CD). Add that to the fact that I was somehow both Mummy AND YellowKat and we had a very confused Elijah.