Friday, June 26, 2009

Darling Harbour jaunt

Some of my family stayed with us last weekend on route to Melbourne. Elijah's cousin was on tour with her school music ensembles and so we all trekked in to Darling Harbour to watch the first gig of their tour. The poor students and teachers had spent 15.5 hours on the bus travelling and had only arrived at their accommodation at 6:30am that day. They'd only had about three hours broken sleep at best.

Elijah with his aunt (my sister) and cousin before the gig. His uncle is in the background.

Elijah was extremely well behaved. He watched the concert band, the string ensemble and the jazz band in awe and applauded after each item, with our prompting.

Elijah with his cousin, uncle and aunt

Elijah watches the musicians on his older cousin's lap

He was particularly fond of the trumpets.

Elijah and his "trumpet"

Afterwards, we got on the bus with the band members and went for a very short ride into the city to hang out with Elijah's cousin for a bit longer.

Elijah and his younger cousin (the musician) after the gig - she was exhausted!

We ended up having our lunch delayed and Elijah did remarkably well, considering. He didn't whinge or complain that he was hungry, just asked nicely if we could have lunch. I ended up buying him a muesli bar from a vending machine to tide him over until we found something a bit more substantial.

After lunch, we wandered around for a bit and then as we headed back over Pyrmont bridge with Elijah in the stroller, it started to rain lightly. Elijah found it hilarious that he was getting wet. He still talks about it almost a week later.

The best bit about the whole expedition is that Elijah did it without nappies and without accidents! He is now well and truly toilet trained.


quilly said...

Yay on the potty training! And Amoeba will be thrilled to hear that Elijah is a budding trumpet player!

The Mumma said...

I think Elijah wants to play any instruments he can get his hands on, but he does have an affinity for trumpets. If he still wants to play one when he's 10 and his teeth have settled, then we'll let him. :-)