Sunday, July 26, 2009

The creative mind at work…

Bugs has a little wooden trolley with some wooden blocks in it. It often pulls double duty as something else as well.

This is apparently “a lawn mower with steam coming out of it”.

Wooden mower

On the walk to childcare, we walk past a garden wall with an unusual hole in it that is apparently “the tunnel where the trains go through”

The tunnel

Bugs also has a box of Duplo which he usually uses to make long, thin towers (and sometimes something that looks a little like a mobile phone). In this instance, he proudly ran out to tell us “Look Mummy. Look Daddy. It’s a one!”

And indeed it is…

Number 1

His brain grows quicker and brighter daily. It has been a real pleasure to watch it in action.

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quilly said...

Yeah, the reason I'm a teacher is because I love watching kids learn. They look at the world in ways we've forgotten to.