Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Disciplinary action

For the last few weeks, I've been going to US accent classes as part of my ongoing actor training. I've been using the accent in normal conversation as part of my homework. I quickly came to discover that Elijah (and Daddy as well, for that matter) did not like it when I spoke in my US accent. Elijah has dubbed it "the other mummy" and he is just a bit scared of her: not afraid, but definitely in awe.

Of course, I've used this to my advantage. If Elijah is being resistant, we can now threatened him with "the other mummy" coming to talk to him. If his resistant behaviour continues, a quick talking to in the US accent will have him attentive and compliant in no time. He asks if "Mummy can come back now" because he's being "a gentle boy."

Sometimes I wonder if this is going to have a lasting affect on his psyche. Then I rationalise it with the truth of the matter, which is that "Mummy's job is to pretend to be other people." If nothing else, I think he now understands that.


quilly said...

e may grow up thinking you have psychological damage. He'll pen a book called, "My Mother's Personalities".

The Mumma said...

Then it could be adapted into a TV series starring Toni Collette!