Friday, August 28, 2009

Those darned homophones

Elijah and I went to the alterations kiosk because I had two pairs of long pants that had been sitting in my wardrobe, unworn, due to my vertically-challenged status. Elijah came into the change room with me and gave a running commentary on what was going on: "Mummy, you're taking your jeans off. Mummy, you're putting new jeans on now."

I was getting into my khakis and explained to Elijah that these were my khaki pants.

The cogs turned. "Those pants are for getting into the car, Mummy!"

(I just realised that this won't be funny at all to the non-Aussie readers. Try reading the post in an Aussie accent and then it'll make sense.)


Quilly said...

I didn't get it. I had to go get Amoeba to read it to me with his Australian accent. It's been a while since he lived in Australia so he didn't get it instantly either. When we did get it, we decided Elijah made perfect sense. Mommy, not so much. ;)

Car key pants. Who ever heard of such a thing?

The Mumma said...

I realised his logic made perfect sense and that it's probably not going to be worth explaining the difference until he can read/spell.