Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shadow Piano

I was washing the dishes when Bugs started saying "I'm playing the piano now, Daddy". I wasn't watching and assumed that he was telling me that he was bored with sitting at the table and he was off to the music room to play on Mummy's piano.

After he said "I'm playing the piano now, Daddy" for the third time I turned around all ready to be grumpy (which happens too often of late... :/ ) to be greeted with this....

(photo taken 13/9/09)

He spent at least 10 minutes sitting at the table waving his arms around and wiggling his fingers and watching himself "playing the piano". Mummy informs me that he has done this at least once since I took this photo.

Looks like shadow pianos are almost as much fun as the real ones.


Anonymous said...

This is great :) Such an imagination...I love it!

The Mumma said...

I know! It really excites me when he does things like this.