Sunday, October 11, 2009

Babycinos are yum (and the Journey of Men)

The babycino

Bugs and I went on a journey of men today. More specifically, I went to get a haircut and since Mummy had rehearsals, Elijah and I ventured out into the streets of Glebe on our own. This is really only a big deal because today would be the first time I have driven on my own for more than two suburbs away from our place in the Parramatta region.

After dropping Mummy off at the theatre, we still had the best part of an hour to kill so we popped on to a nearby cafe - me for much needed first coffee of the day and Elijah for a spot of second breakfasts.

The babycino was at the suggestion of the nice waitress and it was gleefully and gratefully accepted.

Waiting for Daddy's hair cut to commence

He behaved beautifully at the salon. However, he did start to get a little restless, even though the special bag of toys was brought out again for his benefit. Steve (owner of Stevie English Hair) had the perfect solution - out came a pink Nintendo DS (no photos here - I was too busy getting my hair cut at the time). With barely a minute of instructions Elijah spent the next 45 minutes playing Mario Kart without shifting from his seat right next to mine (or even raising his head for that matter).

I feel a little guilty, but on the upside it kept him busy and happy and no expensive things were broken.

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quilly said...

Hot Chocolate? From the Ice Waitress?

Video games are okay as a treat -- especially if they belong to someone else! ;)

smp said...

Heh. That was a typo quickly fixed (but still exposed for all time for those subscribed via RSS it would seem :P ).

Cold chocolate from the "nice waitress". Honest.

And yeah, video games are a nice treat. As he gets older, he will probably be allowed to play more of them but for now, every now and then will do.

The Mumma said...

He doesn't get much screen time at all, actually - certainly less than most other children his age - so the occasional movie or video game is fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! He looks so big in that photo. He's turning into such a little man :D