Sunday, October 04, 2009

Growing up

We are sure he is just about to go through a major growth spurt. Some of Mummy's students have remarked that he looks bigger after not having seen him for just two weeks. He is looking lot more solid than usual so that is probably another sign.

As further evidence, his appetite is currently out of control...

On that plate are 6 party pies, cut up into quarters. He ate them all with no trouble at all. We're pretty sure that last night he ate more for dinner than Mummy did!

- Posted from the little black book.


quilly said...

Yep -- that's how it works. When my step son was 16 he pretty much singlehandedly ate an entire turkey and then an hour later wanted a snack. He ate like that for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden his jeans didn't reach his shoes anymore!

The Mumma said...

I've just had to put all his size two clothes into storage and it looks like he's not going to fit into his size threes for much longer. We'd better have another boy some day so we can get some wear out of this stuff!