Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wonder if Billy knows?

(cross posted from elsewhere)

  • E: Daddy, what's this song called?
  • Me: "1979", by The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • E: Who's playing drums?
  • Me: A man called Jimmy.
  • E: Who's playing guitars?
  • Me: Well, a man called James is playing guitar, and a lady called D'arcy is playing the bass guitar.
  • E: Who's singing?
  • Me: A man called Billy.
  • E: What's he singing?
  • Me: Well, words I guess.
  • E: Why is _he_ singing?
  • Me: Because they're his words. He wrote them.
  • E: Why did he write them?
  • Me: It's how he chooses to express himself. The songs are about what he's thinking about. Okay?
  • E: Okay.
  • E: [big pause]
  • E: I think he's thinking about formula one cars.


quilly said...

Well, I think I'll have to look up the song to get the joke. I am impressed that Elijah knows about formula one cars, though.

The Mumma said...

The song has nothing to do with formula one cars: it's a nostalgic look back at carefree teenage days.

Elijah is just obsessed with cars!