Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas 2009 (very belated posting)

Elijah actually was quite sick at Christmas. We had a very long drive interstate and Elijah woke up the morning of the trip with a fever and threw up. He was sick again three times in the car. The poor thing was rather miserable and couldn't keep any food down. By Christmas Eve, he couldn't even keep electrolytes, water or paracetamol down, and had lost an incredible amount of weight, so we took him off to Emergency - a milestone we didn't want to see. The doctor who treated him was a red-head too, so we felt an immediate kinship. He gave Elijah some serious anti-nausea medication that is usually reserved for chemotherapy patients. That enabled us to get some fluids and electrolytes into him and we were sent home. If you were wondering why Elijah didn't look too enthusiastic in these pictures, that is why. He was feeling a lot better, but was still quite sorry for himself at that point and entirely unable to eat.

On Christmas Day, Elijah was still not himself and could eat and keep some food down, but was very low on energy. He spent much of the day asleep and consequently, we took hardly any photos and none at his aunt's house, where we spent a great deal of the day.

First thing after waking - checking the stocking.

Very tired faces.

By Boxing Day, he was really starting to look and feel better. A few days later, he was still trying to milk the attention, but was essentially back to his old self. Even the weight was coming back on. We took him around to his uncle's place to have a second Christmas and play with his cousins.

Elijah was excited to see that his youngest cousin had a drum kit and he happily played on this for some time.


quilly said...

Next year drums for Elijah and ear plugs for the neighbors.

The Mumma said...

Yes, actually we are looking at a drum kit for him - either for his birthday or Christmas. Daddy would like one that comes with headphones!