Friday, February 26, 2010

It's official!

Elijah is moving beyond reading readiness to actual reading. He is sounding out words by himself and remembering individual words. He can recognise simple words in new places. On Tuesday, he found a loaf of bread in the supermarket and asked me if it was "Up" bread. Indeed, that was the brand of the bread. Tonight, we were reading Fox on a Box, which we haven't read in a very long time, and Elijah was able to recognise words he'd sounded out earlier in the story, such as reach, hungry and splat. He also knew quite a few words already, such as but, on, of, fox, pies, can, duck, luck and want.

His facial expressions were priceless. As he realised he was getting the words, he became proud as punch! We're pretty proud too!

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quilly said...

Hooray! The love of words and reading will take him further than anything else he might learn in life.