Friday, April 09, 2010

Visiting Family & Friends (belated)

Yes I know I'm a terrible blogger.

The following photos are from the first few weeks of January as we travelled to see family and friends interstate.

Elijah with Nan and Da (Nan's father).

Elijah & Nan play games on the laptop.

Elijah & Nan.

Elijah with Nan, Pop & his aunt (Daddy's sister).

Elijah goes "fishing" in the backyard with Granddad.

Elijah with Great-Granddad (Grandma's father)

Elijah with Great-Grandma (Granddad's mother)

Elijah makes faces at Angus, our friend's son.

Elijah watches the boats at the port near Grandma & Granddad's house.

Elijah watches Granddad work.

Elijah with Grandma.

Elijah "walking" to the park with his aunt (Mummy's sister) and cousin.

Elijah "driving" his aunt's 4WD under his cousin's supervision.

Elijah pats Roy the dog, with help from his aunt and his cousin looking on.

Elijah with two cousins.

Elijah with a family friend, getting his feet wet.

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