Monday, July 19, 2010

Kid Logic: New House, Old House

Elijah: "Mummy, why didn't we buy a new house?"

Me: "We did, darling. We moved into our new house."

Elijah: "That's not a new house. That's an old house. We bought an old house. Why didn't we buy a new house?"

Me: "??"


Teresa Dawn said...

When I was 4 we moved into our new house... It was New new, my dad took a pencil out and drafted the design and then we watched it being built. I remember I thought that you always did that when you move lol!

quilly said...

Words have weird meanings and kids are very literal! LOL!

The Mumma said...

The more questions Elijah asks, the more I realise how inconsistent the English language is!