Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A special treat for a brave boy

Yesterday, I took Elijah for his 4-year immunisation. As he couldn't remember any previous immunisations and was now old enough for this one to make a lasting impression, I was keen for it to be as positive an experience as possible.

I had explained to him we were going to the doctor to get special medicine to stop him getting sick. When we were there, I told him the medicine had to go in his arm and that when he was a baby, it had to go in his leg. This intrigued him. We took his jumper and shirt off and he sat on my lap. I held his arm still. The nurse prepared the arm. The needle went in.

There was about a second of silence, then as the shock wore off, the tears began. Elijah didn't expect medicine to hurt. I told him he was so brave and cuddled him as his other arm was prepared. Even though he knew what was coming this time, he held still and didn't flinch, though he was still crying.

When it was over, the nurse put bandaids on each arm, told him he was brave and strong, warned me about side effects and left us to get him dressed.

I asked Elijah if he was scared or if it hurt. He replied, still with tears in his eyes that he wasn't scared at all, it just hurt. After a few more cuddles and more reassurance he was brave, he was ready to get dressed. By the time his clothes were all back on, he was smiling again.

I told him that since he was so strong and did so well with the immunisation, he could have a special lunch: his choice. We went to the food court. Out of the myriad delicious things, he chose McDonald's. Oh well, it was a special occasion after all and the lunch appeared to dull the impression of the doctor's visit.


quilly said...

Fast food won't do him harm in moderation. And sometimes it might even do him some good!

Teresa Dawn said...

I remember my 4 year old shot. I was TERRIFIED!

I hid under the couch in the nurses office and it took forever for my mum and the nurse to drag me out as I was fighting the other way.

And I did NOT get McDonald's after :p

The Mumma said...
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The Mumma said...

Quilly - The worst bit about having the McDonald's was that I had to eat it too. I would much rather he had chosen sushi!

Teresa - That's exactly why I took that approach. Elijah's overwhelming response to the experience now is that he got a "special lunch of McDonald's for being brave". The memory of the pain has already diminished significantly.