Monday, August 02, 2010

Meet Hec and Steve

Hec and Steve

A couple of days ago Elijah dug back into his Duplo and started making things with it again.

One afternoon he came out of his room and introduced me to his new friend, Steve (left in the above picture). Soon afterwards, Elijah must have decided that Steve was lonely as he proceeded to introduce both of us to Hec who is, as it quickly transpired, Steve's son.

Steve and Hec have had a hard life. Their house recently burned down. That's okay though because they have a new place. Elijah tells me that we are now sharing our house with Steve and Hec and that they live in the box in his room with the other Duplo.

Most importantly, Steve and Hec have each other. Just before I took the photo above, I asked Elijah why he had joined the two of them together.

"They're holding hands, Daddy."



quilly said...

Parents who hold their kid's hands and take the time to sit down with them to play and talk are awesome. Too many parents these days are too busy to actually parent. Well done daddy -- and mommy, too.

Teresa Dawn said...

Great imagination :)

Nice to meet ya Hec & Steve!