Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting set for Big School

Elijah and I had a meeting with the Principal of his future school yesterday and I can honestly say that if I didn't already think that the local school was the best place for him, I would be thoroughly convinced now.

Firstly, the Principal has the same values about education as I do: that school is about educating the whole child. Subsequently, there is a lot of "value added" stuff going on in the school. There's plenty of arts, which makes me very happy, plenty of IT, plenty of opportunity for kids to run around and be kids, plus they run an actual parliament (not a mock one) with the Senior Primary students to teach them about the Westminster System. While we were there, we saw every child engaged in learning and happy. The teachers all looked pretty relaxed as well. I love this school.

The Principal picked up pretty quickly that Elijah is a bright child. Elijah was reading signs in the classrooms and around the school as we went on our tour. I was assured that Elijah wouldn't be left bored next year, that he would be encouraged to keep improving from his current level, not from an arbitrary lowest-common-denominator level. This makes me happy too.

And the best thing of all? It's a public school.


quilly said...

Hooray! Great public schools do exist. I am glad you've found one.

The Mumma said...

I'm the product of a public school education. I think private school would have been a waste of money for my parents, as I got everything I needed from the public school and wouldn't have done any better elsewhere.