Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Five!

"I'm Five!"

Elijah announces this to all and sundry at the moment, because for the first time he really understands age and birthdays and last week he turned five. It was a fantastic day: most likely the best birthday he's ever had. For the first time, he had a friend with whom to share the day. He got to do something really special on his actual birthday. He also got some fabulous presents! All up, I pretty much felt like mother of the year.

The day started with the ceremonial opening of one present of choice before Daddy left for work. Elijah, of course, chose the largest present. It was a giant Space Police Lego set, which was very exciting. After Daddy left, Elijah and I got ourselves ready to go out. We packed a lunch, picked up Elijah's new best friend from school and his mum (they live a couple of streets away) and drove to the Powerhouse Discovery Centre for a day of fun and activities. Because Elijah's birthday fell in the school holidays, there were heaps of age-appropriate things to do there.

The theme for the holiday activities was music - right up Elijah's alley. There was a table set up with percussion instruments for kids and adults alike to try. Elijah particularly liked this one pictured above, as it sounded like the tick tock of a clock. At 11am, there was a percussion show. The two percussionists were fantastic, demonstrating and explaining all of the instruments in a way that was clear and entertaining for all the audience members.

Towards the end of the show, Elijah and a few other children were invited to play on stage with the two percussionists. It was very hard to get photos of all of the children playing as the movement and my distance from the stage caused issues with focus and blurring. However, after the show officially ended, Elijah and another boy who was celebrating a birthday were allowed to stay and continue playing. I was able to get closer and took this photo. (I blurred the other boy's face as I was unable to find anyone to ask permission to post the photo.) You can see what a great time Elijah was having!

After the show, we had a picnic lunch, then returned inside to tour the museum and complete the scavenger hunt task Elijah and his mate were given. We then had the opportunity to do some craft activities. The above photo is the first activity we did, which was creating collages using pictures of musical instruments and other objects. The other two activities were kazoo making and creating a Jack-in-the-box, both of which were heaps of fun, but much more labour intensive for me, resulting in less photos of the process!

After 3pm, the boys were tiring, so we went back to drop Elijah's friend home and he opened another present there (totem tennis) and then played in the front yard for a short time. We returned home for a rest before Elijah's choice of dinner: chicken stir-fry with noodles!

Then of course, it was time for the cake, which, this year, was a joint effort: baked by Daddy and iced by Mummy and Elijah. Once again, we had the Tigger candle, who has been a mainstay since Elijah's first birthday. Elijah chose a chocolate mud cake this year. You can see him below, blowing out all the candles for the first time ever without assistance!

It was wonderful to see him so happy.


quilly said...

Sounds like a great day! I love that last photo!

Happy Birthday, Elijah -- may % be a glorious year!

quilly said...

5 -- grr